On board Crew Training

Training isn’t just what you achieve in a classroom or simulator.  


STCW sets the minimum level but to improve on this, it is necessary for crew to continue to train and update themselves on the latest procedures and regulations while serving but in most situations, time doesn’t permit for this to happen.


While it is necessary under IMO guidelines for crew to conduct regular drills onboard, drills are not training.  Drills don't necessarily identify errors and in our experience and from what we've witnessed, more often than not crew don't follow equipment manufacturers guidance in their procedures which leaves them open to legal concerns in the event of an accident or incident.  Similarly when drills are postponed due to other time pressures, weaknesses in the capabilities of crew become evident which put all those on board at risk.


Da Gama Maritime are the founding members of the Superyacht Training Group and through this we’ve brought together a number of likeminded companies who recognise the benefit of taking the training to the vessel.  Aside from the significantly lower costs to the yacht, onboard training provides the opportunity for all crew to be trained in their environment, utilising their equipment, developing their procedures and working as a team. 


From our perspective, we can provide on board training in firefighting, crisis management (MCA accredited), crowd control, navigation assessments and ECDIS risk assessments.  Both our firefighting and crowd control courses are recognised by the Nautical Institute for Continuous Professional Development (CPD).


From August 2023 we also provide an online (Teams) 90 minute training course in the Understanding and Prevention of Lithium-ion fires onboard.


For vessels conducting maintenance or simply berthing within Genoa Italy at the Amico shipyard or in the Cartagena shipyard in Spain, these shipyards actively promote the training group as they recognise that to keep a yacht running effectively, the crew should be trained to the highest standard.