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Navigation Support

When it comes to navigation support, you have to consider whether you want professional support and guidance or not.  

Whether you're on a Superyacht or Commercial ship, priority has to be given to maintaining an up-to-date chart outfit and ensuring you have the products or licences you need to do so.  To help with this, the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), as the largest provider of navigation licences and products in this field, has a network of distributors across the planet, any of whom can support you.

Your priority should be the degree of support you want. 

This is where we at Da Gama Maritime exceed others.  We've worked at sea for decades and understand the outfit from the users point of view which is something most others don't have the experience of. It's because of this we can keep it simple and offer you two options for your navigation support:

  • Option 1 – For an annual subscription fee, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will look after your set-up, be aware of your holdings and liaise with you regularly in respect to licence renewals, new editions necessary to your holdings and to identify the most effective means of shipping physical stores to you. We won't sell you things you don't need and we won't overcharge you just because you're on a Superyacht. Payment of invoices is on 30 day terms.
  • Option 2 – With no annual subscription fee, you can utilise our public shopping catalogue at this link into which you can purchase any UKHO electronic licences as and when you want. Payment is required at the time of purchase.  Physical stores are not included in this service so no shipments are necessary. We won’t alert you to new editions or licence expiries so you’ll be self-managed.

Vessels taking option 1 above for our supported set-up will have access to their own online account in our website through which they have our full catalogue at their disposal for purchasing and dispatch of orders.  These orders can all be reviewed and paid online (or via bank transfer) with clients on 30 day payment options.  Account managers will also be able to assist quickly and efficiently.

The UKHO have declared that no later than the start of 2030 they will no longer provide paper charts for navigation.  While other hydrographic offices around the world may continue to do so, the ability to obtain them will become more awkward as they have to be approached directly.  From our point of view we have decided that when these paper charts no longer become available, we will only be dealing with the electronic charts and product licences.

Many questions remain unanswered on the alternative to paper charts as official Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC’s) don’t always provide sufficient coverage in detail for safety of navigation in all areas of the planet.  Indeed, as at 2023, only 26% of the world’s oceans have been mapped sufficiently leaving many holes to be filled.

Alternative electronic charts offering ‘unofficial’ ENC’s such as Transas TX97, Timezero, C-Map Pro +, Garmin and others, are available as aides to navigation and all of these can be purchased from us for vessels signed to our navigation support.

Crew Training

Da Gama Maritime were the first company to bring on board crew training to the industry.

What you'll learn in a classroom brings you to the basic standard and lowest acceptable level to do that job.  Where things come together is once you get onboard.  Learning ashore won't necessarily have the same equipment, procedures or even people that you're going to find on your return to the vessel. 

Our training is designed and proven since 2010 to not only enhance procedures but build the crew into a more competent team able to deal with emergencies in a more effective and professional manner.  By having all crew understand the reasoning behind the actions to take and to demonstrate the competencies in doing so, guests and owners can feel more reassured of a safer standard around them.  At the same time Captains will realise there's no requirement to micro-manage their team and subsequently they can revert to making Strategic decisions based on the information fed to them by the crew and On Scene Commander.

Navigation Support

Quite simply, giving you what you want, when you want it through the dedicated account manager looking after your vessel.

Crew Training

Whether it's guidance to the newly joined Officer responsible for the navigation safety of the vessel, or onboard training for the entire crew as part of their Continuous Professional Development, we do it all.