Who We Are

Da Gama Maritime is an ISO9001 accredited company which was established by a Chartered Master Mariner with over 30 years maritime experience who spent most of that at sea navigating ships of varying and increasing sizes as well as training junior officers in the art of navigation.  

Through his professional background of understanding what vessels do and don’t need at sea, his engagement with regulatory bodies and by sitting on committees and organisations which are responsible for enhancing safety at sea, this company and its representatives go above and beyond what others may offer leaving them trailing in our wake and trying to compete.

We do not claim to be the biggest company in the business, but we are the best.

It doesn't matter if you're a junior bridge Officer starting out on your first position at sea and subsequently nervous or unsure of the multitude of options and products out there, or if you're a seasoned Captain with years of experience.  We can tailor the support and assistance to everyone and offer options you may not have considered.

What we do:

  • Provide navigation support to your vessel or fleet to a standard which leads the industry and to which others emulate to follow.
  • Provide onboard crew training in a number of areas.
  • Train our staff through a long comprehensive period to ensure they can provide the most competent and professional advice to our clients.

What we don’t do:

  • Sell you stores and licences you don’t need.
  • Inflate our costs to the Superyacht industry.
  • Use your money for advertising, sponsorship or having a stand at expensive industry shows.

However navigation is only one sphere of our support. 

Training is just as important and since 2010 we have been providing onboard training in firefighting and navigation.  Utilising the specialist background of our instructors we’re able to work with the management companies or the crew of a vessel to review, refine and improve procedures on board.  

Hundreds of vessels from 40m to over 300m have benefited from bringing our training team on board through which evidence has shown the improvements to efficiency and brought us Nautical Institute recognition for Continual Professional Development.